Second Star to the Left

--- Second Star to the Left ---

Scout-explorer Gwen Hartley has five years to explore and prepare her planet for settlement. With no aid but her robots and the anxious voice of her long-distance scout-minder Bell Summers in her ear, she's hoping to be ready for anything. Starring Ishani Kanetkar and Jorin Baas. Created by Aysha Farah and E. Jade Lomax. Directed by Rachel Kellum.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Cast and Crew Q&A

    Come hang out with the SSTTL cast and crew as we answer fan questions and chat! Episode includes writers Aysha U Farah and E Jade Lomax, actors Ishani Kanetkar, Jorin Baas, and Matthew Zahnzinger, and director/editor Rachel Kellum.  Want to see more of the stories we create? Come find us on ...


  2. 10: And Straight On Til Morning

    The End.  Read the transcript here: Sound credits:  "beep pager.wav" by AGFX "birdie" by Metzik "Rocket Launch" by primeval_polypod "Tui, Cicadas, Quarry (1)" by Mings "V-start" by raelwissdorf ...


  3. 9: Last Night on Euphoria Station

    A settlement officer arrives on Euphoria Station.  Guest starring Aysha Farah and Jonny Sims.  Read the transcript here:  Sound Credits:  Cold Breeze Ambience.wav by SiyaMahlobo Desert at Night by kangaroovindaloo ...


  4. 8: A Bad Deal

    A conference call.  Special guest stars: Matthew Zahnzinger, Jonny Sims, Aysha Farah  Read the transcript here:  credits: "birdie" by Metzik "door" by tlwmdbt "Tui, Cicadas, Quarry, 3" by mings ...


  5. 7: The Voice From the Sky

    Gwen and Bell consider the aftermath.    Read the transcript here:  Sound credits:  "birdie" by Metzik"Bobcat moving pallets etc Part 1 080320.wav" by Boiling Sand"Lying on bed" by avakas"underwater ambience" by akemov ...