Second Star to the Left

--- Second Star to the Left ---

Scout-explorer Gwen Hartley has five years to explore and prepare her planet for settlement. With no aid but her robots and the anxious voice of her long-distance scout-minder Bell Summers in her ear, she's hoping to be ready for anything. Starring Ishani Kanetkar and Jorin Baas. Created by Aysha Farah and E. Jade Lomax. Directed by Rachel Kellum.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. 5: Neverland

    Gwen listens to some recordings and comes to some conclusions. Read the transcript here:  Content warning for off-screen death from respiratory-related issue.  Additional Sound Credits:  "birdie" by Metzik"Pencil, Writing, Close, A.wav" by InspectorJ ...


  2. 4: The Storm

    Bell hears from Mikail.  Read the transcript here:  Additional sound effects:  "200250-erick-bloem-sd100-office-chair" by erickbloem-200250"Ambience - Cosmic Rain - 01.wav" by GregorQuendel"Ambience - Comsic Rain - 02.wav" by GregorQuendel"door.wav" by tlwmdbt  ...


  3. 3: As the Bell Tolls

    While Gwen takes a routine mapping and surveying journey toward the edge of the liveable zone on her planet, Bell deals with problems on their space station and some concerning news--or lack of news--from Mikail. Transcript: Sound Design Credits:  "" by dobroide ...


  4. 2: A Narrow Strip of Life

    As Gwen and Boots get used to their new planet (and their new scout-minder, Bell) they receive news from Gwen's scouting school cohort.  TRANSCRIPT:  Sound credits: "River Flute" Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License"Chopping Vegetables" ...


  5. 1: The Scout

    After a long space voyage, Scout-Explorer Gwendolyn Hartley lands on planet Delta-Gamma-One-Four-Six-Two, ready to begin her five-year solitary mission to map and prepare the planet for settlement, but she’s got slightly more company than she expected... Read transcript here: Audio includes:  "Light Thought var 1" Kevin MacLeod ( ...